HS News Systems AS

HS News Systems AS is planning, designing, producing and delivering complete constructios with systems for packing of goods, transporting goods, quality control and recognition. We operate across the entire world with wholesalers, logistic companies, shipping companies and production companies as our main partners. Our trademark is effective logistic systems.

In addition to employees working on software- and hardware developement, we also engage service technicians responsible for customer needs 24/7, 365 days a year. Focus on the client and their needs is our most important priority, which has contributed to making HS News Systems the leading provider of automatic comissioning systems for distributors in the press wholesale industry.

HS News Systems is a privately owned company with approximately 40 employees, whose headquarter is located in Kongsberg, Norway. It was founded in 1995 in Kongsberg by Jon Hognestad (50%) and Rune Sletterød (50%). A software office was established in Horten the same year. The German subsidiary HS News Systems GmbH was founded in Leipzig in 1997, and in the following years technical offices in Sheffield (UK), Stockholm (Sweden) and Toronto (Canada) was established.

Achievements – Quality and Efficiency

As the leading provider of automatic distribution systems, we want to establish close customer relations from an early stage, and we analyze, optimize and create project spesific solutions for ideal distribution system design.

HS News Systems has since the establishment concentrated on the needs of logistic service providers and wholesale companies. Our attention to quality and cost effectiveness is proven through constant growth. All of our HS News solutions are continuously evolving, and many of our customers use the opportunity to benefit from system upgrades. Through installations in 16 countries and more than 45 wholesale companies, our product is constantly exposed to challenges, other products and different cultures. 

  • Jon Hognestad - Managing Director

  • Rune Sletterød - Chairman

  • Reidar Kylstad - Sales and Marketing and Tino Böttner - Managing Director HS News GmbH